Top 10 places to take a selfie

May 17. 2016 3:04PM

The Old Man of the Mountain may be gone, but we can still have fun with his sign at Profile Plaza. PHOTO TIP: Make your own "old man" stand below the sign, to make the arrow point directly at him.

Look for a silhouette art piece called "Beauty, the 'Common' Denominator" by Walter Liff and Margaret French. PHOTO TIP: Stand close to the frame to pretend you are being painted, orstand farther away and make it look like you are holding up one of the lighthouses.

Get to the top of Mount Washington to find a sign that reads: "The Highest Wind Ever Observed by Man was Recorded Here." The wind speed? 231 Miles Per Hour. PHOTO TIP: Hold on to the sign and pretend you are being blown away.

There's a bench in Cate Park with bronze statues of a grandfather and grandson eating ice cream. PHOTO TIP: Take a walk to Bailey's Bubble on Railroad Avenue to purchase your own ice cream cone and then photo bomb this family photo.

This 83-foot tall Redstone Rocket, the same kind that propelled New Hampshire native Alan Shepard into space, can be found on the village green. PHOTO TIP: Stand as close to the rocket as possible and hold your camera at hip length, aiming so the rocket is shooting toward the sky behind you.

The Indian Head rock profile (similar to the Old Man of the Mountain but with the face of a Native American Indian wearing a headdress) can be found on the side of Mount Pemigewassett. Across Route 3, at the Indian Head Resort, you will find a 100' tower that provides a view of the Indian Head profi le itself. PHOTO TIP: Shoot a selfie up toward the Indian Head and include your own head in the shot.

At the junction of Route 145 and Clarksville Road you will fi nd a sign marking the halfway point between the North Pole and the equator. PHOTO TIP: Have someone take a picture of you balancing on this invisible line.

The grizzly "Wolfman" has been chasing folks away from Clark's Trading Post since 1973, but if you catch him in a good mood, you can attempt to get your shot with him. PHOTO TIP: Don't get shot while getting your shot.

9. Be Glad with Pollyanna - Littleton
A centerpiece of this town that sits on the library lawn, the Pollyanna sculpture is a tribute to "Pollyanna" author Eleanor H. Porter, who was born here. PHOTO TIP: Take a photo of yourself rubbing her bronze shoe for luck and "gladness."

Located at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, the Budweiser Clydesdales are world-famous American icons, a symbol of grace and excellence as well as ambassadors of goodwill for Budweiser. PHOTO TIP: First Saturday of each month is Budweiser Clydesdale Camera Day.