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Responding to vandalized rainbow benches, Keene church launches #onthebench selfie contest!

At least one unknown vandal in her sixties has been caught in the act of painting the rainbow bench in red. She ran to her red compact car and took off.

The Exeter UFO incident 50 years later

50 years ago today, on September 3, 1965, 18-year-old Exeter, New Hampshire resident Norman Muscarello, while hitchhiking on Highway 150 outside of the small, bucolic town, witnessed something incredible and mysterious.

Exeter citizens want town to restrict creepy uses of new drone

EXETER – Resident and former selectman Bob Eastman has submitted a citizen’s petition to be placed on the March 2016 warrant restricting the town’s use of its recently-purchased 'drone,' or UASV, to prevent what he sees as possible invasions of personal privacy.

Clinton pays Portsmouth in advance this time around

PORTSMOUTH — City Manager John Bohenko said he billed Hillary Clinton's campaign for use of city property and resources, for a Saturday campaign stop, and that the bill has been paid.

Film review: Redford and Nolte bring charm to NH author Bill Bryson's 'A Walk in the Woods'

The lure of the wild has recently attracted an interesting batch of solitude seekers: Reese Witherspoon ('Wild'), Mia Wasikowska ('Tracks') and Robert Redford, twice.

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There’s a petition to rename Mt. Washington – only 99,998 more signatures needed


Perhaps prodded by my light-hearted story Tuesday about whether Mt. Washington should be renamed Agiocochook, somebody has petitioned the White House to do just that, noting that George Washington owned 300 slaves, and 'Allowing the George Washington’s name on places is offensive to all U.S. residents of color.'

New Hampshire's Flume Gorge a slice of the geological past


At the Flume Gorge in the heart of the New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest, vertical walls of darkened Conway granite stretch nine stories skyward and 800 feet (245 meters) long toward the base of Mount Liberty.

0 Lines between two sparrow species blurred in New England

0 Mount Agiocochook? No Democratic push to rename Mount Washington

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