Union Leader Corp. has a wide range of print, online and digital products to help businesses target New Hampshire customers and clients. The state’s largest daily newspaper, most popular newspaper and travel websites, and four hyper-local weeklies are a few of the products in our portfolio. Let our staff of dedicated consultants help you find the marketing mix that fits your needs and budget. Call 603-668-4321, Ext. 264 to get started!


The New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News are delivered to every county in the state, reaching more than 160,000 readers.

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New Hampshire's largest newspaper sees 950,000 unique visitors a month to its online news and travel portals.

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 Digital Marketing

Whether you're just starting out or an industry veteran we have the digital marketing tools your business needs.

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 Direct Mail

FROM DESIGN TO DOORSTEP... Includes design, printing, mailroom production, trucking and postage.

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 Political Advertising

We use PRINT, DIGITAL, SOCIAL and/or DIRECT MAIL to deliver your campaign message to your voters in New Hampshire.

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 Ad Specs & Closing Times

Deadlines for ad submissions, mechanical requirements and how to submit.

Digital  Print


Print marketing is far from dead

'Print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it. Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn't.' - Britt Fero, Publicis head of strategy

Why it's time to go live

By now, most businesses have integrated video marketing into their social media strategies, but many have yet to realize the potential of live streaming videos across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

How social media influencers are building businesses

With all of the changes in social media algorithms lately, businesses need to generate more organic reach. One great way of doing this is through influencer marketing. The reason that influencer marketing is so powerful is that you can tap into the fanbase of someone who has a loyal following.

Building a brand with staying power

It's now easier than ever to launch a small business – 400,000 flood the market every year. But, how do you build a brand that will stand the test of time? This is no small task. Inspiring people to fall in love with something you've spent countless hours creating, sleepless nights worrying about, and who knows how much financially investing in, takes something special.
Upcoming Advertising Opportunities and Offers

UnionLeaderHomes.com - 'Raise the Roof' on your digital marketing strategy

UnionLeaderHomers.com is an innovative digital solution that integrates seamlessly with your print marketing initiatives.

Advertise in Union Leader's 2018 special sections

The New Hampshire Union Leader and UnionLeader.com offers many opportunities to help you target current and potential customers. These special sections deliver specific information on topics of interest to our readers and your customers and guarantee high exposure to your ad message. Your ad will be seen by over 143,000 readers daily in the Union Leader and by over 166,000 readers in the Sunday News.

Jumpstart your new and used car advertising strategy

Union Leader Autos is a new digital solution that integrates seamlessly with your print initiatives.

Realty - Local Listing Boost Program

Your client will love seeing their home featured on the top online sites, you'll love knowing real customers are in the audience.

NHWeekend: Advertise where New Hampshire plans its weekend

NH Weekend is an effective and affordable marketing vehicle for small business. Reach over 125,000 readers every Thursday planning for the weekend ahead!

Foodie Page: Connecting New Hampshire's Restaurants & Diners

Weekly exposure in the pages of the New Hampshire Union Leader and NH Weekend and online in the Dining and Food section of NewHampshire.com.

Monarchs - Fisher Cats - NASCAR

Sports Video Advertising

The New Hampshire Leader offers an effective way for local businesses to access iconic professional sports leagues and target a highly engaged local audience. Digital sports content on the Unionleader.com, creates an engaging viewing experience for users and allows easy integration of your marketing message.

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