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Lucia Graves: Why Hillary Clinton was right about white women - and their husbands
Conventional wisdom says women will show solidarity at the polls. But new research shows that for white women, having a husband trumped the sisterhood
Date: Sep 25, 2017

Keene Sentinel: Marijuana reform: New Hampshire takes a step, however uneven, forward
That’s not to say, however, that pot smokers always pose little threat; it remains to be seen, for example, how the state’s police will enforce driving under the influence of the drug, which can be just as dangerous as drunken driving.
Date: Sep 25, 2017

The Independent - Andy Martin: There is no such thing as plagiarism so you can't possibly be guilty of it
I'm sorry. I won't be buying the new Dan Brown novel, Origin (due out next month). Mainly because I will be wondering about its origin.
Date: Sep 23, 2017

Jason Williams: Arming terrorists to reduce the trade deficit?
Up until this Tuesday, gun-making companies in the U.S. were some of the only stocks that weren't looking better thanks to the "Trump trade." But that changed very quickly after the administration announced it has plans to loosen restrictions on...
Date: Sep 23, 2017

Marcia Reynolds Psy.D - Can you have too much empathy?
With empathy, you will feel their stress, anxiety, and anger in your body. You might feel their pain emotionally and physically. If you let these emotions sit in your body, your body and mind can be emotionally hijacked.
Date: Sep 23, 2017

David Brooks: The coming war on business
In 1991, when his political mentor, Pat Buchanan, was contemplating a presidential bid, Francis told him to break with the conservative movement.
Date: Sep 23, 2017

Mark Steyn: 'I'm a non-DREAMer, I did the boring thing and filled out paperwork'
Commentator and legal immigrant Mark Steyn said he 'did the boring thing' by following American immigration law, and therefore gets none of the sympathy that DACA recipients receive.
Date: Sep 21, 2017

Concord Monitor says don't mess with bees wax mogul gifting U.S. 87,500 acres
New England got its first national monument last year when President Barack Obama accepted 87,500 acres of Maine woods and waters donated by Roxanne Quimby, founder of the Burt's Bees personal care products company. The rugged land laced with lakes...
Date: Sep 20, 2017

Kaijing Janice Chen: Safety and Subjectivity - Defining Safe Spaces
One such term is 'safe space.' In my two years as a Dartmouth student, I have seen safe spaces heralded as an absolute requisite for successful communication, a tool to acknowledge and validate the needs of all those present. On the flip side, I...
Date: Sep 20, 2017

Vote fraudsters double their opportunities
At last Tuesday's meeting in New Hampshire, Ken Block, a data mining expert and former adjunct professor of technology and business at the University of Rhode Island, presented a summary of a 36-page study, 'America the Vulnerable: The Problem of...
Date: Sep 19, 2017

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