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Timothy Minasian: Marketing NH to Germans

April 22. 2018 7:10PM

To the Editor: I presume with all the snow we had this winter that New Hampshire’s ski resorts had a very good year. I don’t know how much money is in the advertising budget of the Division of Travel and Tourism Development. However, I’d encourage the division to research advertising outside the United States in places like Germany.

The people of the old, industrialized cities of the north German plain such as Hamburg and Frankfurt have the disposable income and vacation time to visit New Hampshire, but they don’t know we exist or what outdoor activities are available. When the northern Germans go on a ski vacation, they generally go to the Alps. If they do decide to ski in America, they generally choose the Rocky Mountains because they’re more well-known. They’re probably not aware that New Hampshire can provide a less expensive alternative.

New Hampshire provides many options in close proximity that are not available in the Rockies. And if they visit us in winter, it’s a good bet they’ll come back in summer and experience our clean and beautiful rivers, lakes, and mountains. The Germans are environmentally conscious and appreciate a clean and natural environment in which to spend their vacations. I suggest the Division of Travel and Tourism Development spend some money on research within the populations that I referenced above to determine if there’s enough awareness and customer demand to conduct a marketing campaign to bring more German tourists to New Hampshire.

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