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Supporting City Year

January 20. 2018 4:21PM

To the Editor: I read Monday's paper and found myself very upset with many of the comments regarding the City Year workshop. Anyone familiar with City Year is aware that the young people in this organization are intelligent, hard working, and sacrificing Americans. These youth leave home and family and financial opportunities behind to make sure that our school children are all given opportunities to succeed in school and life without regard to race, religion, social background, or family life.

They are known to spend what little money they have to provide necessities. They are the mentors and friends that so many of our children need and miss in their everyday lives. For any of these people to think that City Year would be participating in anything other than what is good for Manchester (the city where I was born and lived most of my life) is outrageous. It appears that these city leaders need to learn more about what is happening in this city and its schools. If they were involved in their city as they proclaim to be, they would not be challenging the good works of City Year.


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