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Sick of robocalls

April 23. 2018 6:25PM

To the Editor: I just received, for the umpteenth time, a robocall trying to get me to buy an extended warranty. I tried letting the company connect me with an “agent” and requested that my number be removed from their program, but I’ve requested this before without success.

I’ve been getting these calls for years. I’ve also been getting robocalls for years from various “businesses” including financial services, credit, and even the famous scam “we’re from the IRS investigation division. We have a lawsuit against you and your house has been placed under lien by the IRS.”

I no longer answer any number that I don’t recognize, but my voicemails keep filling up with robocall messages. Many of these cannot even be called back. The phone number they call from is unrecognized by the phone system.

I think it’s about time the FCC enacted a regulation prohibiting robocalls from calling any number more than once. Severe penalties should be applied to the company using the robocall program. Scam calls, if the individual or “company” can be tracked down, should be prosecuted for fraud and face even more severe penalties.

What say you?



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