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Crack down on irresponsible animal breeders

August 19. 2018 10:58PM

To the Editor: On Aug. 9 you reported another seizure from a breeder — 52 labs in Marlborough. This is the fifth such large-scale cruelty case in New Hampshire in the past two years. Nonprofits and taxpayers have spent $3,155,000 in less than two years just on cases involving breeders.

Animal breeders in New Hampshire face virtually no regulation. Only five breeders in the state are required to be inspected, although all animal shelters and pet stores that sell puppies must be. This is because the American Kennel Club successfully lobbies to block every attempt to regulate them. For example, Sen. Jeb Bradley’s failed effort to pass commercial breeder inspections and compel the owner, not New Hampshire taxpayers and nonprofits, to pay for the care of animals seized in a cruelty case. Apparently profit from registering puppies is more important to the AKC than ensuring that the pups they register come from reputable breeders.

Responsible breeders who are appalled by what is going on are afraid to speak up because of their dependence on the AKC for “papers.” Veterinarians are afraid to speak up because they are licensed by the state veterinarian, who has opposed these efforts in the past. It’s up to citizens who care about this to speak up.

Let your state legislators know when they ask for your vote in November that this is important to you. We will need more leaders like Sen. Bradley if we’re going to finally bring New Hampshire into the 21st century.

- ELAINE R. WARSHELL, Moultonborough


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