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An ugly assault: Intolerance in Manchester

July 13. 2018 2:04PM

An ugly incident last month has embarrassed our city and our state.

In June, 45-year-old Robert Carrigg of Hooksett allegedly walked up to 25-year-old Riman Douedari in a downtown restaurant and yanked at the woman's hijab, a garment worn by some Muslim women that covers the head and chest.

Carrigg turned himself in to Manchester police last week, and faces a misdemeanor assault charge.

The courts will determine Carrigg's guilt and punishment, but we do not want this ugly incident to pass without comment.

Carrigg is responsible for his own actions, but we seem to be losing our ability to live together in civil society. No one should ever be assaulted or intimidated because of her religion, or clothing. People with differing beliefs should be able to coexist without rancor or scorn.

Religious liberty was a foundation of the America idea from the start. We need not accept each other's creeds to respect them. Indeed, such tolerance remains one of the few common values uniting our diverse society.


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