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Who's the boss? Not the Claremont superintendent

November 22. 2017 1:01AM

Claremont schools need to do a better job teaching civics. Even the school superintendent doesn’t understand how local government is supposed to work.

Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin presented a $32.9 million budget to the school board in September. The board unanimously voted for McGoodwin to reduce the budget by $1.2 million, and bring the amended budget back for their approval.

McGoodwin simply ignored the wishes of the school board because he didn’t agree with it.

But he wasn’t elected to make such decisions. He was hired to carry out the school board’s directives.

When school board member Chris Irish told McGoodwin he was offended that “you assume we didn’t know what we were doing,” McGoodwin confirmed it.

“I am sure you didn’t have a clue what you were doing.”

He grudgingly agreed to find the cuts and bring back a new budget back on Dec. 6.

If McGoodwin holds the school board in such low regard, he should seek other employment. Claremont voters elected the board to run city schools and keep an eye on property taxes.

McGoodwin may very well have a different opinion, but his personal preferences should not get in the way of carrying out his duties to the school district.

McGoodwin lives up to the stereotype of an arrogant bureaucrat with no patience for the people that voters put in charge.

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