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Vacation time: More meddling politicians

March 20. 2018 11:07PM

When will the New Hampshire Legislature get around to passing the Casual Friday Act of 2018?

How about a new state agency to police employee parking spaces?

The busybodies in Concord, including some who consider themselves small-government conservatives, are again attempting to micromanage New Hampshire businesses.

House Bill 1201, sponsored by Hudson Republican Rep. Andrew Renzullo and Newmarket Democrat Michael Cahill would force companies to pay employees for unused vacation time. Well, not every company. Unions are exempt.

How is this any of the state’s business?

Employers have an incentive to keep their most hard-working employees happy if they build up unused days off. But the Legislature should not insert its judgment for that of the private sector for every workplace annoyance.

Mandating that companies pay for vacations that are never taken would likely prompt companies to offer fewer vacation days in the first place. The House passed HB 1201 last week.

Senate President Chuck Morse recently made a point of speaking out against politicians trying to act as every New Hampshire company’s human resources department. As a successful business owner, he knows how well-meaning meddling can make things worse.

We trust that Morse and his colleagues will stand up to this micromanagement, defeat HB 1201, and leave New Hampshire businesses alone.

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