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Undercover Andru: Volinsky is on the case

February 18. 2018 10:29PM

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky is going to save the state a ton of money on liquor enforcement agents.

He’ll do the job himself.

Volinsky was so worried about bootleggers buying large amounts of cheap alcohol at New Hampshire Liquor Stores that he decided to become an amateur detective, and launched an undercover sting.

On this episode of “Volinsky: For Hire,” the Concord Democrat joined SEA President Rich Gulla to spy on customers buying large amounts of Hennessy cognac, which they suspect are part of a multi-state money laundering operation.

Starsky and Hutch also took pictures of liquor store customers and their license plates, but failed to document anyone breaking the law.

New Hampshire’s state-run liquor stores rely on low prices for out-of-state sales. Law enforcement can make sure everything is by the book with Volinsky Five-0’s help.

We picture our Cognac Columbo in a rumpled trench coat about to exit a liquor store, turning back to ask, “One more question about the Hennessy, sir.”

Volinsky and Gulla should concentrate on their day jobs, rather than auditioning for the third season of “True Detective.”

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