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Shopping small: Small Business Saturday

November 23. 2017 8:54PM

Small businesses might not open at 4 a.m., or offer 50-percent-off doorbuster deals. But they are an important part of our economy.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, an annual shopping tradition founded by a Mom-and-Pop credit card company named American Express in 2010.

The idea is to make an effort to visit small, locally-owned retailers as you do your holiday shopping.

Small businesses account for nearly half of the nation’s private sector workforce, and well over half of the new jobs created. Most big businesses started small.

The U.S. Senate and the U.S. Small Business Administration have offered their official, though symbolic, support for the day. We certainly encourage you to consider small, local options. Large retailers offer consumers some great choices, but not their only choices.

Though politicians love to talk about supporting small businesses, much of what they do favors the big guys. Large firms can afford the time and money necessary to lobby Congress, and are much better able to navigate complicated rules and regulations. Many proposals touted as pro-business end up favoring large, incumbent firms at the expense of smaller, nimbler competitors.

The best thing Congress can do for small businesses is to get out of the way. Small businesses don’t need special treatment, or a pat on the back. They need a fair chance to compete.

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