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Pandering to Putin: A shameful display in Finland

July 17. 2018 9:06PM

President Donald Trump has a nasty habit of attacking our allies and coddling our enemies.

After a fresh round of insults to NATO allies in Brussels, Trump flew to Helsinki to pander to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s leaky White House told reporters that the plan was for Trump to confront Putin over Russian interference in the 2016 elections. That didn’t happen.

In a joint news conference after their closed-door meeting, Trump said he believed Putin’s denials over the conclusions of U.S. intelligence agencies.

According to those leaky White House aides, Trump cannot differentiate between investigating Russian espionage and challenges to the legitimacy of his presidency. There is no evidence that Russian hacking or social media campaigns changed the result of the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s fragile ego can’t handle the suggestion that the race involved anything other than his own greatness.

Trump has a habit of praising strongmen such as Putin, but also those in China, North Korea, and Turkey. Meanwhile, he belittles leaders of democratic nations as weak.

Trump’s failure to stand up to Putin is not only embarrassing. It is an open invitation to further aggression. In Finland, Trump betrayed American values and American interests.

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