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P.C. epidemic: Liberal nonsense at City Hall

January 16. 2018 6:33PM

So much for the content of our characters.

City Year, which pays young people to “volunteer” at Manchester elementary schools, warped Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy this week. School board at-large member Rich Girard objected to City Year hosting Monday workshops on “Unpacking Whiteness” and “Microaggressions.”

Such politically-correct claptrap runs counter to King’s words, and his life.

Would King have ever complained to Bull Connor about microaggressions, or asked George Wallace to unpack his whiteness? City Year’s vapid agenda was disgraceful.

City Year changed the name of one workshop to “Unpacking Social Identity.”

School board member Katie Desrochers responded by attacking President Trump. The episode was an embarrassing way to mark King’s legacy.

Meanwhile, Desrochers joined David Scannell, Nancy Tessier, and Dan Bergeron in voting against a National Rifle Association grant to update the West High School shooting range. Instead of working to benefit the Junior ROTC students at West, this quartet decided to signal their virtues to anti-gun liberals.

Identity politics and empty liberal outrage have no place at City Hall.

Mayor Joyce Craig should call on her political allies to grow up.

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