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Half-baked: More bake sale busybodies

December 11. 2017 8:42PM

In October, we scolded federal busybodies for meddling with local school bake sales, forcing the New Hampshire Department of Education to clarify to local school districts what is and is not allowed.

City Hall reporter Paul Feely reports that the state’s effort to help has dragged school nurses into the bake sale boondoggle.

The updated state guidance, which was supposed to make things easier for schools, would require school nurses to review and approve all of the homemade goodies to protect students with food allergies.

Manchester public health director Tim Soucy says no one from the state checked with him, or he would have told them that school nurses cannot possibly police bake sales in this manner. How is a nurse to know if a parent used the same mixing bowl used for the chocolate cupcakes and the peanut butter cookies?

State bureaucrats have drafted new language calling for school nurses to consult with staff and students during the bake sale, and review the list of ingredients.

We would not belittle the problem of food allergies, which can be quite severe. But surely local school districts can work with parents of children at risk. We should not need to involve state and federal bureaucracies in the local distribution of snickerdoodles.

Such is the legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama’s attempt to micromanage the diets of school kids across America.

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