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Gun grandstanding: Shurtleff's bump stock sideshow

October 19. 2017 11:30PM

The New Hampshire Legislature will consider a ban on bump stocks next year.

The House Rules Committee has denied Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff’s request to introduce a bump stock ban after the deadline for filing legislation, and the Concord Democrat is shouting to the rafters that “New Hampshire’s Republican leaders have chosen to stick their heads in the sand.”

What obvious nonsense.

Since the Senate hasn’t yet hit its deadline for filing new bills, Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn had already said he would introduce the bill if Shurtleff couldn’t. So why the outrage?

It’s because Shurtleff is jumping on the usual left-wing bandwagon that exploits every act of violence for political ends.

In Washington, Sen. Maggie Hassan jumped on to a hastily drafted bump stock ban that could effectively outlaw all semiautomatic weapons. She and Shurtleff would rather rush out a news release than take the time to write responsible legislation.

There’s a window for finding common ground on bump stock legislation, if political opportunism doesn’t slam it shut. Congress is likely to consider federal legislation on bump stocks, which would make a New Hampshire bill unnecessary.

Is Shurtleff interested in filling in a gap in federal regulation of automatic weapons, or in scoring cheap, political points? His decision to put on a sideshow demonstrates his real priorities.

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