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Ground breaking: House moves toward school reform

November 19. 2017 10:43PM

New Hampshire is one step closer to fundamentally reforming its responsibility for educating children.

These kids should be customers, but our education bureaucracy treats them as commodities to be traded for a chunk of state aid each year.

The House Education Committee last week narrowly passed SB 193, which would set up Education Freedom Savings Accounts, allowing parents some measure of control over state education funding.

Democrats and teachers unions, but we repeat ourselves, oppose the bill since it firmly establishes the state’s responsibility to each child in the New Hampshire school system. Opponents of choice believe local school districts are entitled to each student and the state funding each brings.

The committee added a means test and a convoluted oversight commission, which unnecessarily complicate a relatively simple program. Still, the bill would be the most significant reform to public education in New Hampshire this century.

Some public schools have stalled, and are failing to meet the diverse needs of all students. Allowing parents to leverage state aid to unlock other educational opportunities gives families more control over their children’s education than ever before.

Unleashing choice should create competition throughout New Hampshire schools.

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