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Global warmish: Cooling down climate hype

September 24. 2017 9:48PM

A study published by the journal Nature Geoscience showing global warming failing to keep up with alarmists predictions should have been welcomed as good news.

Will climate activists be willing to listen to the science when reality reveals almost every climate model has overestimated the rise in global temperatures?

These Chicken Littles attack anyone expressing skepticism about the rate of climate change, or the cost of massive regulatory schemes that would do little to change it.

Human activity has greatly increased atmospheric CO2 levels, which warms the planet. But we don’t know how much, or how quickly.

Moreover, there are better ways to slow carbon emissions and mitigate the impact of higher temperatures than the draconian taxes and mandates pushed by the left.

By updating their data and ratcheting down the rhetoric, the study’s authors have bolstered their credibility and opened the door for realistic solutions.

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