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Getaway pay day: Huot's $327k severance

September 24. 2017 9:48PM

It not only pays to run a New Hampshite state college. It pays to leave.

Keene State College has agreed to give outgoing president Anne Huot a severance package totaling $327,225.

Huot resigned this summer with three years left on her contract. The severance represents a full year’s salary, plus $42,225 in incentive pay. Huot had previously told the Keene Sentinel that she considered the annual incentive payments as part of her base salary, not a bonus.

Last year, the New Hampshire University System handed out nearly a quarter-million dollars in incentive bonuses to the presidents of its four schools.

University of New Hampshire officials decided a $17,000 disco dining table and a million-dollar scoreboard would be good uses of limited funds.

Huot left Keene State with falling enrollment and a huge budget shortfall. Interim President Melinda Treadwell earlier this month instituted $7.5 million in budget cuts.

Huot will go back to her tenured faculty position in the biology department, after taking a year of unpaid leave. Was her sudden resignation part of a deal to buy her out? How can she earn more than 40 grand in incentive pay if she’s not actually working? The public needs to know more about what happened.

We’ll start believing the university system’s pleas for more money in the state budget when the university system demonstrates it can spend money responsibly.

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