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Feltes knows best: Micromanaging NH businesses

February 07. 2018 11:08PM

New Hampshire’s know-it-all is again attempting to micromangage the human resources departments of New Hampshire businesses.

Concord state Sen. Dan Feltes has a bill that would force businesses to set employee schedules at least 14 days ahead of time.

Senate Bill 422, which Feltes calls the Transparency in Work Schedules Act, would impose Feltes’ preferences on everyone. For workers whose shifts vary, it would be nice to know well ahead of time when they’re working. But employees don’t always know their own availability two weeks in advance.

Feltes tried to get this half-baked idea into law two years ago. That bill would have essentially set up state bureaucrats to review work schedule disputes to determine if the employer really needed to call in a worker for that extra shift. Feltes also wanted to force businesses to pay workers when they weren’t given a last-minute shift.

Feltes treats the private sector as a swamp of exploitation in need of his constant supervision. He treats workers as victims. His contempt for private employers shows through in his every effort to micromanage the labor market.

Imposing more burdensome regulations on New Hampshire’s private sector would only drive up costs and ultimately hurt the workers Feltes thinks he’s trying to help.

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