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Drive-by voting: Ray Buckley goes to court

August 23. 2017 9:46PM

Having lost at the ballot box, New Hampshire Democrats are again attempting to rewrite the law through the courts.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is suing to block New Hampshire’s updated voter registration laws, which require that people actually live where they vote.

Under the new law, which Democrats have long opposed, new voters will have to show that they have lived in their new district for 30 days, or sign an affidavit that they intend to remain there.

Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley is hoping to find a friendly judge to keep drive-by voting.

Most states already have residency requirements, and New Hampshire would still allow same-day voter registration. But new voters would have to show some connection to New Hampshire deeper than waking up that morning on someone’s couch. Out-of-state campaign workers should not get to cast ballots on Tuesday, and fly home on Wednesday morning.

Reasonable voter ID and residency requirements do not deter voter participation. States with such safeguards actually have higher turnout than states that rely on the honor system. Voters want their elections to have integrity.

Buckley wants to open our voting booths to anyone who claims to live here. And he’ll clog up the court system if it gives him a chance to accuse Republicans of voter suppression.

The new law will not prevent any eligible voter from voting.

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