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A good start: Crony corporate councils quit

August 22. 2017 12:48AM

Donald Trump is draining the swamp, one crony corporate council at a time.

After Trump’s dreadful news conference a week ago, members of the President’s American Manufacturing Council and the Strategic and Policy Forum resigned.

In typical petty fashion, Trump responded by essentially saying, “You can’t quit. You’re fired!” He disbanded both panels.

The entire membership of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities also quit in protest.

More, please.

These blue ribbon panels have always been a waste of letterhead at best, and an open invitation to crony capitalism at worst. They give corporate bigwigs a chance to hobnob with Presidents and Cabinet secretaries, while wearing a cloak of public service.

If these presidential councils actually did anything important, walking away in a huff over Trump’s latest self-imposed rhetorical wound would be irresponsible. Is it less important to give a bad President sound advice on economic policy? Do the arts no longer matter when you dislike the current administration?

Of course not. But since these panels were never anything more than empty symbolism, resigning from these panels becomes an easy symbol to show the proper amount of outrage.

Trump has accidentally stumbled into eliminating some unnecessary government bureaucracy.

What would he have to say to get the entire Department of Education to resign?

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