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A Queen City gem: Manchester School of Technology

October 16. 2017 10:02PM

It is perhaps inevitable that a political challenger would seek to undermine an incumbent’s accomplishments.

But it is unfortunate that mayoral candidate Joyce Craig has chosen to drag the success of the Manchester School of Technology into the race.

Mayor Ted Gatsas helped get MST up and running as a four-year high school focusing on practical and high-tech education. It is the kind of bold experimentation we need to jump-start America’s moribund education bureaucracy, and one of Gatsas’s major accomplishments.

We don’t expect Craig to lead the parade for her opponent, but she need not diminish the value of MST.

In a Monday morning debate on WGIR radio, Craig questioned spending $8 million on MST while the rest of the city’s schools are underfunded.

The premise that Manchester isn’t spending enough on education is unfounded. There is a budget squeeze, stemming from the expensive contract Craig pushed through with city teachers.

When Craig says she wants taxpayer money being spent in the classroom, she means it should go to the teacher. She’s free to argue that position, but not to then claim students are being short-changed.

Gatsas leveraged state dollars to expand MST. He calls it a “hidden gem.” Polishing that gem did not come at the expense of Manchester’s other schools.

The Manchester School of Technology should be a stepping stone to reforming the Manchester school district.

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