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Ex-husband of NH woman found murdered on Mother's Day 2009 arrested for Mass. stabbing

New Hampshire Union Leader

August 08. 2018 10:37AM
Stacey Burns, a Wolfeboro mother of five, was stabbed to death on Mother's Day 2009. 

The ex-husband of a New Hampshire woman found murdered on Mother’s Day in 2009 in her Wolfeboro home was arrested in Massachusetts last month after police say he stabbed a man in the back.

Police in Millis, Mass., say Edward Burns — long considered a key figure, but never identified by police as a suspect, in the stabbing death of his ex-wife Stacey Burns — allegedly stabbed a Millis man in the back with a 10-inch knife during an argument on July 18. Witnesses told police the pair argued before Burns threatened to stab the man. The victim then yelled back at Burns after getting stabbed, witnesses told police.

No arrests have been made in connection with the stabbing death of 41-year-old Stacey Keane Burns, who was found dead Mother’s Day morning, May 10, 2009, in her home at 146 N. Main St. in Wolfeboro.

Edward Burns had been scheduled to appear in Carroll County Family Court the next day, Monday, May 11, 2009, for a hearing on a motion seeking a contempt-of-court finding against him. The motion was made in a petition filed by Stacey Burns’ attorney.

The petition alleged that Mr. Burns had refused to pay alimony of $6,000 a year since the final divorce decree was approved the year prior and was “woefully in arrears” on child support payments of $1,354 a month. The petition said Mr. Burns, despite maintaining he was not working regularly, had been able to pay $2,250 in April 2009 for transcripts of the divorce proceedings for use in his state Supreme Court appeal of the divorce conditions.

It also said that Edward Burns, who has worked as a Merchant Marine seaman, was attempting to renew his license in an effort to go back to sea.

According to court documents, Stacey Burns maintained she had been forced to rely on credit cards to pay her bills and was facing 20 percent interest on her loans.

Stacey Keane grew up in Natick, Mass., the daughter of the late Francis Keane, who was a police chief and a judge. She graduated from Natick High School and went on to study at North Adams State.

After her graduation, she met Ed Burns, who also went to Natick High School but was about six years her senior.

Stacey Burns filed for divorce in September 2007 after two incidents led her to obtain a restraining order against him, according to authorities.

She described the incidents in a petition seeking the restraining order. The first allegedly took place on July 30, 2007, after she had been telling him for a week that she wanted a divorce. She wrote in her petition that he yelled “death before divorce” and said, “I should hang myself in the loft of the barn,” during a conversation at 4 a.m., according to court documents.

She said she was frightened for her life and the welfare of the children and left home with them to stay in a motel.

On Aug. 8, 2007, Stacey Burns said, her husband barged into the home and yelled at her and shoved her and later took all the phones off the hook to keep her from calling 911. He later chased her down the stairs yelling, “I’ll kill you,” and grabbed her and confined her at the bottom of the stairs, the petition alleges.

The restraining order had been in place for a year, but a judge turned down a motion to renew it in the fall of 2008, citing the fact the two had spoken several times a week about their children and had met without incident.

An autopsy performed on Stacey Burns in 2009 determined that multiple stab wounds had caused her death.

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