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Windham neighbor claims ex-Trump campaign manager threatened to use political clout in land dispute

Union Leader Correspondent

August 14. 2017 8:07PM
Corey Lewandowski 

BRENTWOOD — A Windham neighbor of President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski alleges the Republican operative threatened to use his political clout and connections to make his life a “nightmare” during a property dispute.

In a new countersuit filed in Rockingham County Superior Court, Glenn Schwartz and his wife, Irene, made several claims against Lewandowski in a battle over the political commentator’s plans to build a six-stall garage on some waterfront property in Windham.

The litigation was in response to Lewandowski’s recent $5 million lawsuit against the Schwartzes, claiming they’ve blocked access for construction of the garage, harassed him and threatened his contractors with criminal charges. The dispute involves the garage Lewandowski is building off Emerson Road on a piece of property he owns next to his residence.

He claims the only direct access to the landlocked site is through an easement granted on the neighboring Schwartz property.

The Schwartzes argue that the easement for the waterfront lot wasn’t intended to allow Lewandowski to build an “imposing” garage in excess of 2,000 square feet that would also be used for the lot with Lewandowski’s main house.

In his countersuit filed through Salem attorney Steven Shadallah, Glenn Schwartz claims that Lewandowski “falsely represented” that the reason he needed the easement agreement was to provide access to that abutting waterfront property if he ever decided to sell it.

Schwartz argues that if Lewandowski had explained that he wanted the easement to build a large garage to be used for Lewandowski’s primary residence, he wouldn’t have granted it.

Schwartz claims that Lewandowski “engaged in behavior to coerce” him into entering into the easement agreement and “illegally” shut down electrical work being performed to benefit the Schwartz property during their own house construction by parking his truck in front of a telephone pole.

Schwartz claims that the two spoke directly on May 21, 2015 in an attempt to resolve the animosity.

“During this telephone call, Lewandowski screamed and threatened Schwartz stating ‘This is a small town’ and that he would use his political clout and connections to ‘shut down all building and work and make your life a nightmare with an expensive and extended lawsuit,” the countersuit alleges.

Schwartz also claims that Lewandowski filed his suit “in such a way as to cause additional anxiety and emotional distress” by including a $5 million claim for monetary damages.

“Lewandowski did so purely for shock value and intending to cause emotional distress upon Schwartz,” the countersuit said.

The Schwartzes are asking the court to rescind the easement and award them damages for intentional and negligent infliction and emotional distress, breach of easement agreement, trespassing, and negligent and intentional misrepresentation.

In his suit, Lewandowski has also claimed the Schwartzes have caused him and his family “mental anguish” and cost him money in legal fees and the slowing down of his permitted garage.

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