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Eversource to request easements to install electrical equipment

New Hampshire Union Leader

August 12. 2018 7:31PM

MANCHESTER — The state’s largest electricity provider will go before an aldermanic committee today, requesting permission to purchase two easements on city property to install electrical equipment.

Representatives of Eversource are expecting to go before the Aldermanic Committee on Lands and Buildings today at 5 p.m. at City Hall with a proposal to purchase two easements on city property for $20,000, to install a switchgear and pad-mounted transformer.

“As downtown Manchester’s economy continues to grow, so does the need for electrical supply in the area,” writes Will Craig, Community Relations and Economic Development Specialist with Eversource, in paperwork submitted to the city ahead of today’s meeting. “When in place, this equipment will provide the necessary energy supply to support the ongoing redevelopment at 922 Elm Street, as well as meet increasing energy demand as downtown Manchester continues to experience large scale redevelopment projects.”

According to Eversource’s request, city officials have indicated they prefer the switchgear equipment — which resembles a large, metal box — be located in the northwest area of the Franklin and Market Street municipal parking lot. Paperwork indicates an extension of the shrub-line on the property at 70 Market St. will be offered to the owner there, to act as a natural screening for the equipment.

The proposed transformer location, according to the Eversource proposal, is the City Hall alcove on Hampshire Lane. A fence will be installed in front of and alongside the transformer, all the way to the back of the alcove.

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