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May 23. 2013 2:54PM

Isle of Shoals


Portsmouth Harbor Cruises

64 Ceres Street Dock

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Ph: 603-436-8084

Toll-free: 800-776-0915

Come aboard the Heritage for an intimate and unparalleled look at the seacoast's most picturesque waterways.

The diesel-powered Heritage offers a full bar and galley on every trip. Join us for a casual, sometimes amusing and always informative, cruise Portsmouth Harbor, to the Isles of Shoals; view the bird life of the Inland Waterways, or perhaps an evening cocktail or sunset cruise. Charters are also available.

Cruises run from early May to late October.

Website: www.portsmouthharbor.com

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company - Portsmouth, NH

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

315 Market Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Ph: 603-431-5500

Toll-free: 800-441-4620

Climb aboard and experience the fascinating legends of our New Hampshire/Maine Seacoast. Little known but historically crucial, the legendary Isles of Shoals, located 6 miles of our coast, are an intriguing archipelago of 9 islands steeped with history. Explored by Captain John Smith in the 1600's these Isles became famous for their large schools of "shoaling" fish. Fisherman flocked to these tiny islands and at one point it was the richest settlement of the new world. Over the centuries, these rugged Isles claimed fame with pirates, ghosts and buried treasure. Along with the first grand summer resort hotel, a famous poetess and her beautiful gardens and an "infamous" murder. The moonlight murder of Smuttynose is the basis of a New York Times best selling novel and major motion picture.

Cruises run from early May to mid-October.

Website: www.islesofshoals.com

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