Fort Stark

January 03. 2014 3:33PM


Off Route 1B, Wildrose Lane
New Castle, NH
Phone: 603-436-1552

Description: Fort Stark was named in honor of John Stark, commander of N.H. forces at the Battle of Bennington (1777).

An unmarked walking trail traverses the ten-acre fort site. There are no camping facilities.

Please visit with caution! Fort Stark is a former military installation. Beware of dangers of unprotected stairs, high walls, rough ground and slippery rocks. Adult supervision of children is required.

The old machine shop at the Fort Stark State Historic Site contains exhibits relating to the military history of New Castle, NH (specifically the 22nd coastal artillery which was stationed there in World War II). An entire section of the museum is dedicated to shipwrecks which occurred in the New Castle area. A picnic area and nature walk are also at the site. There is an area to launch kayaks, a small beach and fishing is allowed.

Location: Located off Route 1B on Wildrose Lane
Open: Call ahead

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