Railroad Bridge - #10

May 23. 2013 3:04PM


Old Concord and Claremont Railroad Line
Hopkinton, NH

The structure was originally built when the Concord and Claremont Railroad laid its first 33 miles of track from Concord to Bradford, New Hampshire. From 1962 until 1990 a Contoocook merchant owned and used it as a warehouse. In 1990 the bridge was given to the New Hampshire Division of Historic Resources and is currently in need of repair.

Year of Construction: - 1849-50

Original Cost: - Unknown

East of N.H. Route 103 in Contoocook Village on the old Concord and Claremont Railroad line spanning the Contoocook River.

Double Town-Pratt lattice truss. The bridge is 140'1" long and has clear spans of 64'0" and 67'0". It has an overall width of 21'6" and a roadway width of 15'1", and a maximum vertical clearance of 19'4". The rail line has been abandoned.