Mechanic Street Bridge #31

May 23. 2013 3:07PM


Mechanic Street
Lancaster, NH

This bridge is also known as the Israels River Bridge. At a meeting on July 19, 1862, shortly after the construction of the bridge, the citizens of Lancaster voted to instruct the selectmen to put a sign board at each end of the bridge that prohibited driving across the bridge at a pace faster than a walk.

Year of Construction: - 1862

Original Cost: - Unknown

East of U.S. Route 2 and 3 on Mechanic Street in Lancaster, spanning the Israels River.

Paddleford truss. The bridge has a length of 94'3" with a clear span of 79'4". It has an overall width of 22'10", a roadway width of 19'3", and a maximum vertical clearance of 11'8". It is posted for six tons.