Chief Chocorua - Albany

May 28. 2013 2:51PM

Chocorua's legend states that the proud Indian Chief refused to flee from conflict with the white man. It is said that he befriended one of the colonial settlers, a man by the name of Cornelius Campbell. Chocorua left his son Tuamba in the care of Campbell's family, while he went north to celebrate a powwow. While he was gone, Tuamba ate some poison that was meant to kill marauding wolves. When Chocorua returned, Campbell was away, and Chocorua killed his wife and son in anger. When Cornelius returned to find his family killed, he sought the Indian Chief for revenge. Chocorua fled to the top of the highest nearby mountain, with Cornelius in pursuit. Knowing he would die, Chocorua raised his arms to the sky and shouted, "Evil spirits breathe death upon the cattle of the white man! Wind and fire destroy your dwellings! Panthers and wolves howl and grow fat on your bones. Chocorua goes now to the Great Spirit!" before leaping to his death from the mountain known today as Mount Chocorua. Two years later, Cornelius' body was found dead, partially eaten by wolves. Other mysteries have plagued the area, all blamed on the curse of Chocorua.


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