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Superior court makes switch to electronic filing for civil cases

Union Leader Correspondent

September 20. 2018 11:09PM
Rockingham County Superior Court Judge Andrew Schulman is among the judges who will now be able to view civil cases from the bench after the state launched electronic filing for the superior court system this week. (Jason Schreiber/Union Leader Correspondent)

Filing civil cases just got a little easier for lawyers with Tuesday’s launch of a new electronic filing system for the Superior Court.

“That means saving a lot of time for the lawyers and being able to do that from their offices also means huge efficiencies for the court system,” said Tina Nadeau, chief justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court system.

Approximately 40 cases have been filed since the new method went online after months of planning and training for lawyers. In addition to lawyers, litigants representing themselves will also be required to file electronically.

“I have to say that my staff has been unbelievably energetic in getting this project done,” Nadeau said Thursday.

The e-filing system is a big change from the way things have been done at Superior Court. Until now, paper copies of the cases were filed at the courthouse.

According to court officials, some of the benefits of e-filing include fewer trips to the courthouse and less postage, paper usage and other costs associated with paper filings.

The system also allows judges to review cases and documents electronically from the bench using software that is integrated into the case management system and provides real-time access to case information and documents.

E-filing will also change the way civil cases are viewed by the public. Nadeau said the public will be able to see case summaries on the Superior Court’s website, but they’ll have to use a kiosk at the courthouse to access all of the documents filed in a case and get printouts if they’re needed.

Nadeau said the public will eventually be able to view all documents online, but there’s no timeframe for that just yet.

The state is also working on adding the Superior Court’s criminal cases to the e-filing system. Nadeau said that project will be in the works over the next year.

The Superior Court is providing assistance to all filers who call the NHJB Information Center at (855) 212-1234 or online at the NHJB Electronic Services website:

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