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We need an independent senator

September 14. 2018 8:17PM

Carla Gericke 

To the Editor: New Hampshire's massive Legislature means that we have the unique opportunity to really get to know the people representing us in Concord. But it comes at a price.

With so many representatives in the House, lobbyists and special interests know that it's impossible to influence everyone. The smart (and well funded) ones spend their time and energy on our 24 senators, with disastrous results. When out of state interests want an expensive new program or inventive restriction on our rights put in place, they know that there are 24 people who can make it happen. With so much power at their fingertips, it's crucial that we can count on our senators to be independent and think for themselves instead of letting the lobbyists do their thinking for them.

For decades, Lou D'Allesandro has been a reliable voice for lobbyists, special interests, and big money groups that want to remake New Hampshire in their image. Carla Gericke has proven that she's an independent thinker who's willing to stand up to established interests and do what's right. I hope you'll join me in voting for her as our next state senator in November.



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