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Get to know Steve Marchand

August 20. 2018 8:13PM

STEVE MARCHAND (Dave Solomon/Union Leader file photo)

To the Editor: Who is Steve Marchand? I’m glad you asked.

Steve is a young, energetic, progressive, former mayor of Portsmouth who wants to bring that progressive energy to the entire state, through the governor’s office. He has spent nearly two years bringing his message, dreams, and vision to people all over the state.

What is that vision? I’m glad you asked. Steve’s energy goal is to reach 50 percent renewables by 2030, while protecting the environment and creating jobs. His vision for growing New Hampshire’s economy is for infrastructure investment along with improving our public education system. This will attract young people, young families who will want to stay. He wants to see gun violence reduced, without compromising the Second Amendment. As a child of immigrants, Steve would like to see a policy that is inclusive, as immigrants often bring with them unique entrepreneur skills. He has a campaign finance plan to get corporate and out of state money out of politics.

There are many more issues that Steve outlines on his website and I encourage all voters who care about their future, their children’s future and the future of New Hampshire to take a moment and look at it:

And then what? I’m glad you asked. Join me on Sept. 11 and cast your vote for Steve Marchand for governor! Let’s make New Hampshire a state that attracts and keeps young families with clean energy and environment, affordable education and housing, strong community networks.



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