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Clegg insults the North Country

August 10. 2018 2:41PM

To the Editor: As a lifetime resident of the North Country, it is very hard for me to ignore comments made in the Aug. 5 New Hampshire Sunday News. The article about Sen. Jeff Woodburn’s problems written by reporter Kevin Landrigan is an insult to the residents of the North Country.

In it he quotes former Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg, “Up there times are tough and families sometimes go over the edge.”

Is it possible? No, it is not a way of life up here. Clegg should read the Union Leader and watch the morning news on Channel 9 daily and just maybe would change his opinion of the North Country.

A trip south of the notch makes me anxious to go back north. The point of this letter is to inform Clegg it is not the normal life to “go over the edge.” Maybe a geography class will convince him that there is life north of Concord.



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