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Shea-Porter demands Trump step down or be impeached

July 19. 2018 7:50PM

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, D-NH, seized on President Trump’s comments at the Russian summit to call for the President to step down and, failing that, for the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against him.

House Democratic leaders have been reluctant to push the impeachment argument, with campaign operatives warning it could hurt their chances of winning back the majority in the midterm elections this fall.

But Shea-Porter, a four-term representative, is retiring at the end of this year and is among a passionate group of House Democrats that doesn’t mind saying Trump needs to go now.

In her latest statement, Shea-Porter called Trump’s comments in Helsinki “disastrous.”

A few days after saying he did not believe there was evidence Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election, Trump said he had meant to say there was evidence Russia meddled .

“I believe President Trump is unwilling and unable to stand up for the USA and our allies,” Shea-Porter said. “He must step down now and spare our people a drawn-out ordeal. President Richard Nixon stepped down for far less than what Mr. Trump has done. And if he won’t leave, Speaker Ryan must call for his impeachment. Americans and the world need and deserve a fresh start with a leader who will stand up for freedom and democracy.”

Last December, Shea-Porter had stood out among House Democrats who signed on to strong articles of impeachment against Trump.

“Donald Trump lacks integrity and has not been willing or able to assume the moral leadership and seriousness of purpose the United States needs from its President. At this point, it’s clear he never will,” Shea-Porter said at that time.

“During a time when our nation faces serious threats around the world, this nation desperately needs a President who will work to build and unite, not threaten, divide, and destroy. There is no good or easy solution to the grave situation our country finds itself in. It will take us years to come back from just these 11 months.”


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