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Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

July 06. 2018 8:14PM

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, July 2.

An American oystercatcher was seen again on Star Island in the Isles of Shoals on June 27, and one was seen at Ragged Neck in Rye on the 28th.

An Arctic tern was seen at the Isles of Shoals on June 30.

A Brant was seen north of Jenness Beach in Rye on June 26.

A male evening grosbeak was seen at a private residence in Wilton on June 26.

Five white-winged crossbills, two Boreal chickadees, and a Bicknell’s thrush were seen by hikers on the Caps Ridge Trail located off of Jefferson Notch Road in the White Mountains on June 30.

Four grasshopper sparrows were reported from the Concord Airport on June 27, and three were reported from the Cemetery Fields in Amherst on the 25th.

A fox sparrow was reported from Millsfield on June 29, and one was reported from Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch on the 27th.

A peregrine falcon, a Northern goshawk and two barred owls were reported from Hancock on June 30.

During the past week, a few birds were reported from locations where they are not usually found, including: a Carolina wren at Bretton Woods on June 27, a bank swallow in Easton on the 30th, and a Swainson’s thrush in Lempster on the 30th.

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