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Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

June 23. 2018 2:34AM

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, June 18.

Two Mississippi kites were seen near Faculty Road in Durham, and one was seen near Depot Road in Stratham, both on June 17.

A black vulture was reported from Hinsdale on June 17, and perhaps the same bird was reported earlier, from Westmoreland on the 12th.

Three American oystercatchers were seen at White and Seavey Islands in the Isles of Shoals on June 12.

Two Arctic terns were seen at White and Seavey Islands in the Isles of Shoals on June 17, and a least tern was seen from Cross Beach Road in Seabrook on the 13th.

A brant was seen off of Little Boar’s Head in North Hampton on June 17.

A ruddy duck, first reported from the Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plan on June 6, continues to be seen, and was last reported on the 13th.

Four grasshopper sparrows were reported from the Concord Airport on June 13.

A fox sparrow was reported from the Crawford Path in the White Mountains, and two were reported from Millsfield, all on June 17. Another was reported from the Caps Ridge Trail off of Jefferson Notch Road on the 15th.

Two Nelson’s sparrows were reported from Philbrick Marsh in Rye on June 18.

More than six saltmarsh sparrows were seen at Chapman’s Landing on June 18.

An olive-sided flycatcher was seen at Mud Pond in Grafton on June 16.

More than 12 purple martins were seen from Cross Beach Road in Seabrook on June 13.

A Merlin was seen in Laconia on June 14.

Bicknell’s thrushes were reported from Cannon Mountain, the Caps Ridge Trail on Jefferson Notch Road, and the Crawford Path, all in the White Mountains during the past week.

Birders on Whale Watch trips during the past week reported few seabirds. Highlights were a sooty shearwater, a great shearwater, and a few Wilson’s storm-petrels and Northern gannets.

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