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Enlightening Buchanan

June 04. 2018 11:19PM

To the Editor: I was astonished to read Pat Buchanan’s recent column titled “Can a Pope Change Moral Truth?” Just the title itself is enough to give you pause, that someone could equate morality with truth. A truth, he goes on to say, that is rooted in the origins of the Catholic religion. Setting aside, for the moment, the obvious loss of the moral high ground by the Catholic religion because of the sex abuse scandal, his premise of an aversion to homosexuality as a moral truth that has recently been “jettisoned” by America is frighteningly misguided.

Morality is a human construct, not a truth, created, propagated, edited, and revised over time, as society evolves. Our Founding Fathers established, in the Declaration of Independence, “self-evident” truths, the first of which was that “all men are created equal.” If that were really a truth, we would not have needed the Emancipation Proclamation, and it would not have taken a century to issue it. Fortunately, this current Pope understands that.

As the Age of Enlightenment was ushered in during the 17th and 18th centuries, humans lifted the veil of ignorance to expose a larger view of the world, and what the possibilities of that world could hold. Unfortunately, as evidenced by Buchanan’s column, he is still very much in the dark.



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