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No common sense in Concord

May 21. 2018 9:34PM

To the Editor: Where is the common sense and logical thinking at the State House?

Senate Bill 569 regarding animal cruelty failed because “the Senate wanted the public to be able to inspect pet vendor records without exception.”

If the pet vendors aren’t doing anything wrong, they should not have anything to hide and shouldn’t mind. As to the number of dogs owners keep and their purpose, whether hobby or commercial, shouldn’t strict humane care regulations apply to all owners?

Democrats opposing defining residency for the purpose of voting because “it will suppress the vote of college students and others living in the state on a temporary basis.”

What is to stop thousands of people from voting twice? If we allow them to vote here in New Hampshire, without requiring a New Hampshire driver’s license, car registration, etc., as proof of state residency, what stops them from using their license from any other state to also vote in their home state? What measures are in place to catch students and others who vote here in New Hampshire and again in their home district? Who checks?

I strongly resent the unfairness and unconstitutionality of voting more than once. There must be laws that require the use of valid state ID to prove American citizenship and state/precinct residency to vote. We are all allowed to vote only once, and only where we live. No loophole should make it so easy for many voters to vote twice while the rest of us get one vote.



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