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Against the wave: The House proves its independence

May 05. 2018 10:39PM

There are many benefits to having a 400-member House of Representatives.

Our representatives are functionally volunteers. And with so many districts, it is almost impossible for outside organizations to have much influence.

That made the New Hampshire House much less vulnerable to the political wave pushing Marsy's Law. Despite a massive public relations and lobbying campaign, the House last month rejected Marsy's Law with an overwhelming 284-51 vote.

Union Leader reporter Kevin Landrigan writes that Marsy's Law supporters hired 15 lobbyists to push the amendment through. Those lobbyists collected $90,000 in fees through March. In July, we'll find out how much they billed down the home stretch.

We won't know until June how much the Marsy's Law for N.H. political action committee spent on staff.

Money certainly matters in politics, but this vote shows that it also has its limits.

Campaign contributions flow to sympathetic candidates much more often than they change a candidate's position. Super PACs burn large piles of money while failing to change voters' minds.

The New Hampshire House has stronger immunity to outside influence than most political institutions.

Representatives making $100 a year don't like to be pushed around.

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