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Stages of human development

April 02. 2018 7:05PM

To the Editor: Christopher Gallant’s letter to the editor was a good example of the pro-lifers’ misuse of the terms “unborn/child/children/baby.” They are used to promote fuzzy, warm feelings, and the idea that therapeutic abortion is murder.

In the real world, the human reproductive cycle is divided into six developmental stages: Fertilized ovum, zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus, child/baby. Each of them is distinct and definable. Yet, the pro-lifers ignore all of that and use the term “unborn child/baby” for any or all of them.

However, it is a fact that a fetus is a parasite, yes, a parasite, and it depends for its existence on its connection to the placenta of its host. A child or baby is able to function in the absence of any connection to its former host and it is no longer a parasite — a profound change takes place, which is when it becomes a person — not the same thing as an embryo or a fetus. Yet the pro-lifers insist that they are all the same thing. Babies/children are born, never unborn!

All of God’s animals, including humans, reproduce through distinct, multiple-stage development cycles. In the case of butterflies, it is a four-stage cycle. The second stage of that cycle is a caterpillar, and the fourth stage is a butterfly.

If a pro-lifer sees a caterpillar on the sidewalk, does he say, “Oh, look, there’s an unborn butterfly”? The same logic applies to human reproduction.



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