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Traffic on Maple and Sagamore

March 20. 2018 11:05PM

To the Editor: My parents used to own the store at Maple and Sagamore from 1954 to 1970. It was Maple Heights Market then, and I pretty much grew up working in the store.

Maple Street was a two-way street then and there were no issues with speeding. Same with Beech Street, Pine Street, and Chestnut Street. All four of those streets are now drag strips. I was going to go to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to suggest bringing them back to two-way streets, but I didn’t want to get laughed out of the building. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one with this opinion.

Maybe I will do that after all, and I will use your column as evidence. Union Street is the only two-way and it’s fine.



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