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School safety

March 18. 2018 10:59PM

To the Editor: The United States has been embroiled in a debate about private firearms ownership for many decades. Magazines in the 1940s discussed the need for gun control to safeguard society from returning war veterans. The anti-gun side of the argument using the argument that returning veterans would be so influenced by war that they would be violent.

The gun argument continues today, but today it is causing harm. It becomes the central focus of debate at a time when the ills of society have made our children vulnerable. Ever since the school shooting in Connecticut, the gun debate has raged, yet many more children have died since. The debate is still about gun control.

Why isn’t the debate about how to protect our children? On 9/11, madmen made Americans vulnerable using box cutters, yet years later it has not happened again! Because good men and women on both sides of the gun control argument saw the immediate need and fixed the problem. Security of air travel was the problem. If an old and lingering argument about the ownership of box cutters had existed, would these rational women and men have ignored protecting the airport to further their debate? Please remember that our children need to be protected, and focus the debate on school safety. It can be assured that the banning of any kind of firearm will not preclude another school shooting! Felons still have guns, and that has been illegal for decades.



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