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Arming teachers

March 13. 2018 11:55PM

To the Editor: The discussion over the arming of teachers to prevent school shootings misses several important points. First, teachers are hired to teach, not provide armed security for schools. If our elected officials did the jobs they were elected to perform, then they would not need to suggest asking school teachers to provide school security. It is time for our elected officials to start acting on behalf of the people of this country as opposed to special interests. The NRA may have five million members, but there are more than 300 million of us who also have rights, and we need to be heard.

When police officers are involved in gunfights with armed criminals, the police usually fire dozens of bullets and only hit their target once or twice, and they are trained for these situations. Is a middle school teacher supposed to do better? What happens to the bullets that miss the target? Do they just drop harmlessly to the ground or do they end up hitting schoolchildren? Is the teacher liable or is it just collateral damage? What happens if the star football player tackles and disarms the shooter when the armed teacher arrives on the scene and guns him down?

Finding, and funding, viable solutions to gun violence in this country is the responsibility of our elected officials. We should refuse to allow them to dump this responsibility onto the backs of our teachers. And if they cannot carry out their responsibility they should all be fired.



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