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NHIAA Wrestling: Third crown in four years for Plymouth

February 18. 2018 12:16AM

Plymouth had two state champions on the way to winning its third Division III wrestling championship in four years after topping the field Saturday at Winnisquam Regional High School in Tilton.

It is the 12th state championship in school history.

The Bobcats' 173.5 points outdistanced second-placed Bow (156 points), White Mountains of Whitefield in third (116.5), Campbell of Litchfield in fourth (96.5) and Pelham in fifth (69).

Plymouth's Joe Cleary defeated Winnisquam's Hunter Finemore to win the 120-pound crown, and Troy Johnson pinned needed just 16 seconds to pin Bow's Jonathan Sutera to win at 195 pounds. The Bobcats also had second-place finishes as 106 pounds (Charlie Comeau), 132 pounds (JC Gaumer), 138 pounsd (Hunter Lessard) and 160 pounds (Alex Hamel).

Bow's Mark Borak won the 152-pound class with his pin of Newport's Dylan Palmer. Zackary Anderson, at 126 pounds, and Sutera had second-place finishes.

White Mountains had three state champions: Noah Duktewych at 106, Jonathon Austin at 113, and Stetson Clement at 220.

Newport's Josh Sharron defeated Bow's Anderson for the 126-pounds title. At 132 pounds, Mason Benedict of Kearsarge of North Sutton beat Gaumer. Campbell's Tyler O'Mara won at 138 pounds by beating Lessard. Noah Strout of Oyster RIver of Durham won the 145-pound crown. Pelham's Conor Maslanek defeated Hamel for the win in the 160-pound category, and Josiah Stone of Mascoma of Enfield won the 170-pound championship.

Junius Adams of Monadnock of Swanzet won the 192-poinds title and Tyler Bill of Mascoma won at 285 pounds.




Winnisquam Regional High School

Team results: 1. Plymouth 173.5; 2. Bow 156; 3. White Mountains 116.5; 4. Campbell 96.5; 5. Pelham 69; 6. Newport 64; 7. Winnisquam 61; 8. Kearsarge 54; 9. Mascoma 45; 10. John Stark 33; 11. Oyster River 23; 12. Monadnock 22; 13. Coe-Brown 16; 14. Sanborn 4; 15. Belmont 0; 15. Littleton 0; 15. Mount Royal 0; 15. Profile 0; 15. Wilton-Lyndeborough 0

106 pounds: 1st Place Match: Noah Duktewych (White Mountains) pinned Charlie Comeau (Plymouth) 3:37; 3rd Place Match: Jacob Oberto (Campbell) def. Wyatt Reinhardt (Bow) 5-4

113 pounds: 1st Place Match: Jonathon Austin (White Mountains) pinned Tucker Goodwin (Coe Brown) 1:36; 3rd Place Match: Colby Rousseau (Bow) def. Jason MacAllister (Plymouth) 8-3

120 pounds: 1st Place Match: Joe Cleary (Plymouth) def. Hunter Finemore (Winnisquam) 15-0; 3rd Place Match: Matthew Pingree (Bow) pinned Corrinne Croto (Kearsarge) 3:45

126 pounds: 1st Place Match: Josh Sharron (Newport) def. Zackary Anderson (Bow) 16-2; 3rd Place Match: Kenzie Bourgeois (Winnisquam) pinned Tristan White (White Mountains) 2:59

132 pounds: 1st Place Match: Mason Benedict (Kearsarge) pinned JC Gaumer (Plymouth) 1:13; 3rd Place Match: Brendan Douglas (Campbell) def. Alec Schultz (Bow) 7-1

138 pounds: 1st Place Match: Tyler O'Mara (Campbell) def. Hunter Lessard (Plymouth) 8-0; 3rd Place Match: Andrew Bliss (Bow) pinned Anthony L'Heureux (John Stark) 3:21

145 pounds: 1st Place Match: Noah Strout (Oyster River) def. Trevor O'Mara (Campbell) 8-0; 3rd Place Match: Griffin Smith (Plymouth) pinned Owen Haskins (Pelham) 2:22

152 pounds: 1st Place Match: Mark Borak (Bow) pinned Dylan Palmer (Newport) 3:21; 3rd Place Match: Cole Johnston (Plymouth) def. Kobe Briand (Winnisquam) 6-3

160 pounds: 1st Place Match: Conor Maslanek (Pelham) def. Alex Hamel (Plymouth) 13-10; 3rd Place Match: Robb Ladd (Campbell) def. Thomas Johnston (John Stark) 17-2

170 pounds: 1st Place Match: Jodiah Stone (Mascoma) def. Alex Boufford (Bow) 8-0; 3rd Place Match: Kevin Curnane (White Mountains) pinned Damian Donahue (Winnisquam) 3:48

182 pounds: 1st Place Match: Junius Adams (Monadnock) def. Gavin Lovely (Newport) 11-10; 3rd Place Match: Paul Kleinschrodt (White Mountains) pinned Nick Carroll (Pelham) 4:07

195 pounds: 1st Place Match: Troy Johnson (Plymouth) pinned Jonathan Sutera (Bow) 0:16; 3rd Place Match: Ryan Luteritz (Pelham) pinned Devin Dube (Campbell) 2:07

220 pounds: 1st Place Match: Stetson Clement (White Mountains) pinned Jeffrey Johnston (John Stark) 1:24; 3rd Place Match: Reilly Mosklaenko (Kearsarge) pinned Tracey Cristiano (Plymouth) 2:12

285 pounds: 1st Place Match: Tyler Bill (Mascoma) pinned William Zachistal (Bow) 1:38; 3rd Place Match: Ethan MacDonald (Plymouth) pinned Anthony Dami (White Mountains) 1:28

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