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We don't need a law

February 15. 2018 7:04PM

We don’t need a law

To the Editor: Your “Buckle up” editorial on Friday’s (Feb. 9) Opinion page continues to be the weakest of the “personal freedom” opinions that your paper purports.

Are you more concerned with your “rights” than the amount of unnecessary deaths and injuries that occur on New Hampshire’s roadways? (Not to mention the rising of auto and health insurance rates.)

Why not publish the numbers of the accident victims who were ejected from their vehicles while exercising their New Hampshire “right” to not buckle up?

There comes a time in modern society when certain regulations, designed to save lives, make far more sense than ones’ right not to buckle up. (Where is your “outrage” over smokers’ rights?)

Exercising your choice to be ejected from your vehicle (and possibly injuring someone in an oncoming vehicle) because it’s your “right” makes no sense.

There is a reason why all of the other 49 states in the Union have mandatory seatbelt laws.

It saves lives.


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