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Not impressed by Gov. Chris Sununu

February 15. 2018 7:07PM

Not impressed by Gov. Chris Sununu

To the Editor: I just watched the State of the State address by Gov. Chris Sununu. I’m not impressed at all by his display of cheer and his picture of a rosy future for New Hampshire citizens. I’d just like to make a few points about his lack of actions.

First, it isn’t like he took the oath of office yesterday. He announced the opening of one opioid treatment center. There was no mention of where it is located, how many people can be treated and the length of treatment. It is too little, too late. 

Second, he mentioned that lawmakers are busy crafting work requirements for the disabled and poor who receive Medicaid assistance. The federal government pays 90 percent of the cost. It seems Sununu — and state lawmakers of like mind — are governing strictly by the “or die” section of the state motto.

Third, Sununu and many state lawmakers should pull their heads out of the sand. Do some reading on the positive aspect of marijuana use in regard to the prevention and lessening of opioid addiction. New Hampshire is encircled by states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use by responsible adults. 

In conclusion, perhaps the governor and lawmakers in the state could show some intelligence and perhaps some up-to-date humanity.


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