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High School Roundup: Lucontoni hat trick paces Bedford girls

January 20. 2018 6:18PM

Maddie Lucontoni collected three goals to lead the Bedford High School girls’ hockey team to a 3-0 road victory over ConVal/Conant on Saturday.
Goaltender Hanna Paradis picked up an assist on Bedford’s third goal, and Natalie Rago had the lone assist on Bedford’s first goal.

The win improved Bedford’s record to 3-8. The loss dropped ConVal/Conant to 1-8.

Exeter 12, Central 0: In Exeter, Carissa Towlson and Alexis LaPia each had three goals and an assist for the Blue Hawks. Central received 32 saves from Heather Richardson.

Boys’ hockey

Kennett 9, Kearsarge/Plymouth 0: In Conway, Connor Doucet scored four goals and assisted on two others to lead the Eagles (7-1-0). Kennett’s Mackenzie Murphy added two goals and two assists. Caleb MacPherson and Michael Seavey each had four assists.
Monadnock 3, Pembroke/Campbell 1: At Keene, Chris Boucher a goal, his eighth of the season, and an assist for Monadnock, which also got a goal from Alex Hudon. Isaac Jasinski made 17 saves for Monadnock (5-3). Daniel Israel scored for his sixth goal of the season for Pembroke/Campbell (4-3), which got 35 saves from Mattieux Tremblay.

Somersworth/Coe-Brown 4, Hollis/Brookline-Derryfield 1: At Nashua on Friday, William Mancini scored the only goal for Hollis/Brookline-Derryfield.

Pinkerton 8, Bedford 4: At Goffstown, Patrick Hare had a hat trick and Ty Riviere scored twice as the Astros improved to 7-0 in Division I, 8-2 overall. Lucas Masciarelli. Cody Sullivan and Cooper Flinton added goals, and Tyler Whiting notched four assists. Dakota Robinson earned the save in goal. Zack Bayer scored twice and added an assist for Bedford (6-3), which also got goals from Eric Flynn and Parker Roberto. Ben Bernard took the loss in net.

Alvirne 42, Holyoke 13

113: Jackson McGovern (Alv) def. Cormac Norton (Hol), pin at 1:42; 120: Jake Leigh (Alv) def. Ishani Morales (Hol), pin at 1:32; 126: double forfeit; 132: Judea Johnon (Hol) def. Aydan Spencer (Alv), 14-6; 138: Tim Barrett (Alv) def. Justin Morales (Hol), pin at 3:59; 145: Cameron McClure (Alv) def. Ryan Asselin (Hol), pin at 1:13; 152: Alex Hernandez (Hol) def. Dominic Braccio (Alv), 6-1; 160: Jordan Gora (Alv) def. Will Alicea (Hol), pin at :54; 170: double forfeit; 182: double forfeit; 195: double forfeit; 220; John Richter (Hol) won by forfeit; 285: Tim Driscoll (Alv) def. John Richter (Hol), pin at 1:31; 106: double forfeit.
Lawrence 42, Alvirne 22

106: Devin Reynosa (Law) def. John Fain (Alv), pin at 3:14; 113: Luis Maurica (Law) def. Jackson McGovern (Alv), pin at 3:48; 120: Jake Leigh (Alv) def. Jaycob Zapaha (Law), pin at 1:33; 126: Jorge Rosario (Law) def. Ayden Spencer (Alv), pin at 1:06; 132: Adrian Almanzao (Law) def. Kyle Clark (Alv), pin at 1:22; 138: Tim Barrett (Alv) def. John Vasquez (Law), 7-6; Juan Medina (Law) def. Dylan Levesque (Alv), pin at :49; 152: Cameron McClure (Alv) def. Chris Bueno (Law), 9-0; 160: Kyle Gora (Alv) def. Angel Reynouse (Law), pin at 1:51; 170: Eric Sanchez (Law) def. Jordan Gora (Alv) pin at 1:19; 182: Stevenson Theoumy (Law) def. Bailey Lussier (Alv), pin at 1:29; 195: double forfeit; 220: double forfeit; 285: Tim Driscoll (Alv) def. Brandon Sentell (Law), 4-3.
Alvirne 42, Merrimack 36

132: Anson Dewar (Mer) def. Kyle Clark (Alv), pin at 4:40; 138: Andy Almonte (Mer) def. Dylan Levesque (Alv), pin at 1:34; 145: Tim Barrett (Alv) def. Adam Parenteau (Mer), pin at 1:08; 152: Cameron McClure (Alv) def. Brandan Parr (Mer), pin at 2:44; 160: Jordan Gora (Alv) def. Sam Serrintino (Mer), pin at :49; 170: Kyle Gora (Alv) def. Griffin Ostrum (Mer), pin at 2:53; 182: Nathan Kennedy (Mer) def. Bailey Lussier (Alv), pin at 1:59; 195: Ian Griffin (Mer) won by forfeit; 220: Eric Griffin (Mer) won by forfeit; 285: Dominic Damata (Mer) def. Tim Driscoll (Alv), 3-0; 106: Mark Slade (Mer) def. John Fain (Alv), 2-2, 4-3; 113: Jackson McGovern (Alv) def. Molly Brody (Mer), pin at 2:35; 120: Jake Leigh (Alv) def. Caleb Hartford (Mer), pin at :53; 126: Ayden Spencer (Alv) def. Damien Kocsis (Mer), pin at :43.

Noble 48, Alvirne 27

120: Jaden Balcewicz (Nob) def. Jake Leigh (Alv), pin at 3:09; 126: Sam Martel (Nob) def. Ayden Spencer (Alv), pin at :44; 132: Joe Pileki (Nob) def. Kyle Clark (Alv), pin at :26; 138: Duncan McGilverg (Nob) def. Tim Barrett (Alv), pin at 1:31; 145: Cameron McClure (Alv) def. John Greiner (Nob), 7-2; Chuckie Russel (Nob) def. Ryan Willey (Nob) pin at 4:42; Kyle Gora (Alv) def. Hil Kiesker (Nob), pin at 1:19; 170: Collin Cyr (Nob) def. Jordan Gora (Alv), pin at 3:19; 182: Bailey Lussier (Alv) def. Jake Mulligan (Alv), pin at 1:04; 195: Blake Oulette (Nob) won by forfeit; 220: double forfeit; 285: Tim Driscoll (Alv) won by forfeit; 106: John Fain (Alv) won by forfeit; 113: Cody Hussey (Nob) def. Jackson McGovern (Alv), pin at 1:01.

Alvirne 36, St. Johnsbury 36
138: Codey Pennypacker (STJ) def. Tim Barrett (Alv), 9-6; 145: Cameron McClure (Alv) def. Wilder Hudson (STJ), pin at 1:37; 152: Ryan Sullivan (STJ) def. Dominic Braccio (Alv), pin at 1:18; 160: Jordan Gora (Alv) def. Gus Zevon (STJ), pin at 1:19; 170: Kyle Gora (Alv) won by forfeit; 182: Bailey Lussier (Alv) won by forfeit; 195: Ryan Louis (STJ) won by forfeit; 220: Logan Kapeznski (STJ) won by forfeit; 285: Hunter Ladd (STJ) def. Tim Driscoll (Alv), 3-0; 106: John Fain (Alv) won by forfeit; 113: Hunter Verge (STJ) def. Jackson McGovern (Alv), pin at :36; 120: double forfeit; 126: Jake Leigh (Alv) def. Connor Ladd (STJ), pin at 5:26; 132: Isaac Hahr (STJ) def. Ayden Spencer (Alv), pin at :47.

Londonderry 42, St. Johnsbury 29

126: Brandon Drake (LOND) over C Ladd (SJA) (Fall 1:41) 132: I Hahr (SJA) over Johnny McKinnon (LOND) (Fall 1:34) 138: C Pennypacker (SJA) over Dylan Barnes (LOND) (TF 16-0 4:00) 145: Craig Santos (LOND) over W Hudson (SJA) (Fall 1:33) 152: R Sullivan (SJA) over (LOND) (For.) 160: Vincent DelSignore (LOND) over G Zevon (SJA) (Fall 1:30) 170: John Kelley (LOND) over (SJA) (For.) 182: Ben Psaledas (LOND) over (SJA) (For.) 195: Alex Boucher (LOND) over R Louis (SJA) (Fall 4:46) 220: Taylor Dyer (LOND) over Logan Kapczinski (SJA) (Fall 3:11) 285: H Ladd (SJA) over (LOND) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Hunter Verge (SJA) over (LOND) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit.

Marshwood 48, Londonderry 30

106: Double Forfeit 113: Sean Moriarty (MARS) over (LOND) (For.) 120: C Goodwin (MARS) over (LOND) (For.) 126: L Coomey (MARS) over Brandon Drake (LOND) (Fall 1:15) 132: M Thompson (MARS) over Johnny McKinnon (LOND) (Fall 0:58) 138: B Sandler (MARS) over Dylan Barnes (LOND) (Fall 1:45) 145: Craig Santos (LOND) over M Pelletier (MARS) (Fall 0:38) 152: D Spinney (MARS) over (LOND) (For.) 160: Vincent DelSignore (LOND) over J Wessling (MARS) (Fall 0:58) 170: D Strong (MARS) over John Kelley (LOND) (Fall 1:27) 182: Ben Psaledas (LOND) over A Penney (MARS) (Fall 0:38) 195: Alex Boucher (LOND) over J Thompson (MARS) (Fall 5:54) 220: Taylor Dyer (LOND) over (MARS) (For.) 285: Z Mercier (MARS) over (LOND) (For.)

Londonderry 48, Campbell 27

113: Jacob Oberto (CAMP) over (LOND) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Brandon Drake (LOND) over (CAMP) (For.) 132: Brendan Douglas (CAMP) over Johnny McKinnon (LOND) (Dec 9-2) 138: Tyler O`Mara (CAMP) over Dylan Barnes (LOND) (Fall 0:46) 145: Craig Santos (LOND) over Trevor O`Mara (CAMP) (Fall 3:10) 152: Tyler Scopelites (CAMP) over (LOND) (For.) 160: Vincent DelSignore (LOND) over Joshua Hoffman (CAMP) (Fall 0:42) 170: John Kelley (LOND) over Richard Robicheau (CAMP) (Fall 0:30) 182: Ben Psaledas (LOND) over Devin Dube (CAMP) (Fall 0:46) 195: Alex Boucher (LOND) over Brett McInerney (CAMP) (Fall 0:16) 220: Taylor Dyer (LOND) over (CAMP) (For.) 285: Chris Rossi (LOND) over (CAMP) (For.) 106: Justin Gandia (CAMP) over (LOND) (For.)

Londonderry 48, Monty Tech 18

132: Johnny McKinnon (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.) 138: Dylan Barnes (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.) 145: Craig Santos (LOND) over J Parker (MOTE) (Fall 0:52) 152: Double Forfeit 160: Vincent DelSignore (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.) 170: I Williamson (MOTE) over John Kelley (LOND) (Fall 2:20) 182: Ben Psaledas (LOND) over B Landry (MOTE) (Fall 0:44) 195: Alex Boucher (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.) 220: P Johnson (MOTE) over Chris Rossi (LOND) (Fall 0:23) 285: Taylor Dyer (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: D Soulnier (MOTE) over (LOND) (For.) 126: Brandon Drake (LOND) over (MOTE) (For.)

Noble 48, Londonderry 30

138: D McGilvery (NOBL) over Dylan Barnes (LOND) (Fall 0:31) 145: Craig Santos (LOND) over J Gernier (NOBL) (Fall 0:50) 152: M Beerworth (NOBL) over (LOND) (For.) 160: H Kiesker (NOBL) over Vincent DelSignore (LOND) (Fall 1:41) 170: C Cyr (NOBL) over John Kelley (LOND) (Fall 1:00) 182: Ben Psaledas (LOND) over J Mulligan (NOBL) (Fall 0:20) 195: Alex Boucher (LOND) over B Oulette (NOBL) (Fall 0:33) 220: Taylor Dyer (LOND) over (NOBL) (For.) 285: Chris Rossi (LOND) over (NOBL) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: C Hussey (NOBL) over (LOND) (For.) 120: Rob Pilecki (NOBL) over (LOND) (For.) 126: S Martell (NOBL) over Brandon Drake (LOND) (Fall 1:10) 132: J Pilecki (NOBL) over Johnny McKinnon (LOND) (Fall 1:01)

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